Personal vehicles welcomed.   Stop wasting time at a quick lube center or dealership.  Stop paying ridiculous shop fees and disposal fees. If you have two or more vehicles let us come out to your home and provide you with convenient, reliable oil and routine service of your vehicles.  Better yet, share the word with co-workers and we can come out to your workplace.  That’s one less errand for you!  

Human resource managers are you actively seeking for a unique benefit that can be provided onsite for your employees that is FREE to you!  Employees work long hours and value their spare time.  They appreciate working for a company that "goes the extra mile" for them. We will come to your workplace and provide oil change service and routine maintenance to your employee’s vehicles with no workplace disruption!  

The benefits of choosing On The Spot Oil Change are: 

  • We are licensed and insured and can provide a Certificate of Insurance.  Providing peace of mind.
  • All waste oil and filters are recycled.
  • Consistency and reliability!   You will have the same person performing the maintenance on your car each time.  
  • We log and track the service provided to your vehicle.  We will contact you to remind you when your next service appointment is due.  One less hassle for you!
  • Clean, courteous, and professional personnel will greet you upon arrival and when complete
  • Fixed scheduling, we work with you to set up a schedule to fit your needs.
  • NO HIDDEN shop fee or disposal fee.

Our DELUXE service is $57.99 + tax includes:

Call us for diesel vehicles 

  • Change oil up to 6 quarts                                                               
  • Change oil filter                                                        
  • Lube chassis                                                                
  • Check & correct tire pressure
  • Top off antifreeze
  • Top off brake fluid
  • Top off transmission fluid                                                    
  • Top off power steering fluid
  • Top off windshield wash fluid
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check battery fluid levels
  • Check air filter    
  • Check wiper blades 
  • Check all the lights
  • Vacuum front driver and passenger side
  • Clean outside of windshield 

 Our Basic Service is $49.99 + tax Includes:  

 Call us for diesel vehicles                                                              Additional Services available:            

  • Change oil up to 6 quarts                                                      Replace air filter
  • Change filter                                                                           Replace cabin filter
  • Check & correct tire pressure                                               Replace wiper blades​​



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