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On The Spot Oil Change is owned and operated by a local fireman.  Hector has over 10 years of service as firefighters and paramedics. I am both passionate about helping others and provide the same level of integrity and reliability to my mobile oil business.  The idea came about because I did not like the idea of wasting my time waiting on an oil change.  Let us come to your home or workplace and show you how we can Save You Time!  That's one less errand for you to worry about!


We’re committed to Saving You Time and providing you with professional reliable service.

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Maintaining your business

The mission of On The Spot Oil Change is “Saving You Time.” We do this by coming to our customers place of work or home and servicing their vehicle instead of them having to take their valuable time and drive to a service center and wait for their vehicle.  For our fleet customers “Saving You Time” means you know longer lose money for unbillable hours.  You make money with your vehicles on the road, not sitting in a shop.